The new world of TV advertising

The world of TV advertising is meeting the Internet: from the traditional "one to many" broadcast approach of traditional TV, advertisers want to move to "one to one" conversations with targeted audiences. This change is pushing for a massive shift from how advertising is being sold, how it is being displayed to how it is being accounted.

This transformation is shaping a new kind of relationships between programmers and distributors and is creating opportunities:

  • for the programmers to know precisely their audience and enhance the advertising value
  • for the distributors to gain new revenues from their subscriber knowledge and their TV platform
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Unifying Advertising and Alternate Content across Broadcast & IP Networks

Programmers and MVPDs are coming under increasing pressure to deliver fully personalized and relevant video experiences.

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TV advertising Trends & opportunities

The world of TV advertising is now able to leverage the full potential of what the Internet can deliver to consumers. From the traditional one-to-many approach of traditional TV, advertisers now can move to one-to-one conversations with targeted audiences.


Personalizing media: Trends and opportunities in TV Advertising

By Christophe Kind, Director of Market Development, Video Advertising Subscriber demand for engaging content, available anywhere, at any time, on any device, is placing a significant strain on the media

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