Bridging the gap between Programmers & MVPDs

PRISMA core has been designed around the challenges of operators and MVPDs to help them address the increasing complexity of managing and enforcing contractual & legal obligations related to linear content rights across traditional broadcast and IP Delivery.

Unifying Advertising and Alternate Content across Broadcast and IP Networks

Application Paper

TV advertising



Leveraging industry-standards

PRISMA Core leverages industry standards enabling easy deployment and implementations

  • Flexible ingest API leveraging SCTE-224 for provisioning and storing programming events
  • SCTE35 to manage and control in-band/out-of-band signaling
  • CableLabs ESAM to streamline the communication with encoding, packaging and TS processing functions


Enabling Multiple Use Cases

  • Blackout & alternate content enforcement across broadcast & IP networks
  • Placement management via SCTE-35 insertion/rewrite and manifest conditioning
  • Linear Ad Replacement
  • EAS compatible SCTE-18
Media Advertising

Ensure Compliance

Advanced content rights acquisition capabilities such as blackout, trick-play control or device restrictions as well as Emergency Alert Systems (EAS), or VOD Rating Trailers

Optimizing monetization

Managing placement opportunities for downstream linear or impression-based ad insertion/replacement

Media Advertising

Rapid Return On Investment

Full end to end advanced advertising standard-based solution means rapid deployment and implementation

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