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Our teams bring together innovative ideas by imagining
the unimaginable to drive the human entertainment experience forward.


We have been driving innovations in content, distribution, and aggregation techniques with immersive ‘360-degree Video Delivery’ for live streaming, 4K/UHD, OTT & SVOD services and new IT Cloud for media delivery.


By catering to specific employee requirements that ensure intuitive performance improvements, we have discovered new trends and patterns in the workforce for strategic employee relationship, security for employees.


Our advanced hardware, software, uninterrupted networking, and programming platforms ensure seamless integration across all devices that enable business users to work efficiently and productively in a secure work environment.


Our Marketing Department is the face of our success. With an understanding of our target market and competitors, the marketing strategy of our marketing professionals helps drive growth and profitability.


Sales team plays a key role in building trust and loyalty between an enterprise and its customers. Our sales team works hard to provide customer contentment, as they bridge the gap between the enterprise, brand, product, or service and its customers.


At MediaKind, we believe that our Pre-Sales professionals are remarkably cultivated and enlightened professionals of our organization. They are proficient in handling business-oriented as well as technical and tactical consultations.

Customer Service

Dealing with complaints is never easy! And that is why we are grateful for having a skilled and competent customer service team. With excellent knowledge of our products and services, they ensure better customer services.

Software Development

At MediaKind, software developers are the core of our business. From understanding the business requirements to fulfilling them with excellence, we have pre-defined responsibilities that allow each member to focus on their work.


Finance - the art and science of managing organization’s money so that it can meet desired goals. Our financial managers make wise planning, investment, and financial decisions considering both long-term and short-term consequences of the company’s action.

As a MediaKind family our First Priority above everything, is always the health, safety and wellbeing of you and your family. It is a well-known fact that overall Wellbeing covers 4 aspects : physical, social, financial and mental. Our Employee Wellness Program has 4 unique Connections to cover all these aspects for you.

Life at MediaKind

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