Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Hundreds of broadcasters, content owners and service providers rely on Cygnus to securely transmit thousands of channels of high quality content to tens of thousands of receive devices around the world.

Key Values

Meeting Changing Consumer Demands

Cygnus’ flexible distribution solutions can be configured to provide resolutions from sub-SD all the way to 4K UHD/HDR, all from a single encoding platform, to a wide range of receive devices designed to provide the maximum possible flexibility for the highest possible return on investment.

Improving Bandwidth Efficiency

By providing HEVC encoding as well as a variety of receive devices from IRDs to re-configurable transcoders, Cygnus tailors solutions that bridge a broadcaster’s bandwidth efficient distribution needs with legacy consumer devices.

Maximizing ROI

Cygnus’ distribution solutions can be deployed in either centralized or edge of network configurations, allowing a broadcaster to choose between centralizing local content switching while simplifying receive devices or pushing switching and storage for targeted insertion and local content to more sophisticated receive devices in broadcast affiliates and operator headends.

Application view

Cygnus securely distributes multiple channels of live, file-based or breaking news content to hundreds or thousands of broadcast and operator affiliates for onward transmission to hundreds of millions of consumers around the country or around the globe.

  • Content received via satellite, IP or cloud
  • MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC/HEVC high efficiency encode
  • Up to UHD resolution
  • Secure transmission and remote receiver control
  • Choice of receive device from IRD to transcoder

Explore our products

AVP 1000

A highly configurable and easy-to-operate network adaptor for multiplexing and stream processing for contribution applications.


AVP 2000

A future-proof Contribution Encoder that delivers uncompromising video quality without introducing additional latency.



The world’s bestselling integrated receiver decoder with DVB-S2X and HEVC capabilities.



An integrated receiver decoder for swift and accurate turnaround of content off-air.


Cygnus RX1

An efficient application delivering high quality content, with industry leading low latency.



A unified system management platform for MediaKind Video Processing and third party products


AVP 4000

Combining the most efficient video delivery with highest picture quality for direct to consumer and primary distribution applications.


MediaKind Encoding Live

Software-defined, cloud-based application that enables the highest quality linear live video encoding for delivery to any screen


MediaKind Stream Processing

Software-based stream processing application that ensures high availability and delivery efficiency of services on all broadcast and multiscreen platforms.


MX8400 Multiplexer

The MX8400 is a dense multiplexing platform, capable of supporting up to eight independent multiplex output transport streams and high data rate throughput


M6100 Satellite Modulator

The M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator is a next generation modulator specifically designed for broadcast, direct-to-home, primary distribution and contribution applications