Cygnus 360° Events

Unique, immersive, 360° video experience

Based on multi-award winning technology, MediaKind’s Cygnus 360° Events solution provides multi-format, high quality 360° video, cloud-based video processing and publishing for live events, including sports and eSports directly to the consumer.

Cygnus 360° Events is available as a media as-a-Service offering on an event-by-event basis.

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Differentiate your premium event coverage

Enhance fan engagement and loyalty by delivering immersive and complementary viewing experiences. Enable new revenues through increased advertising and sponsorship monetization opportunities.

Simple, cloud-based workflow

Rapid and agile end-to-end workflow with event-by-event provisioning. Leverage elasticity of public cloud to provide multi-channel, multi-format video processing and publishing for 360° video, which can be turned off upon event completion.

Highest Picture Quality

Achieve high value, bandwidth-efficient viewing experiences direct to consumers, across a broad range of multiscreen devices.

Offer unique money-can’t-buy, viewpoints by putting the viewer in the best seat in the house.

Let the viewer take control and experience every angle through high resolution 360° video and multiple camera views.

Deliver enhanced, immersive, live video coverage, either directly via a head-mounted device or on a multi-screen device as a companion to HD/UHD broadcasts or video streaming services.

Cygnus 360° Events as a Service is orchestrated, operated and maintained by MediaKind on a per-event basis.

Hosted in the public cloud, this innovative offering provides live 360° video processing, packaging and publication features.

We are delighted to have worked with Mediakind and our other partners in this ground breaking As a Service project to deliver high quality 360 video to our viewers. This enabled a world’s first in delivering multi-channel, tiled 6K 360 sporting content and pushes the consumer experience to a different level for all our sports fans.

Thomas Buchholz
Senior Export Experiences

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