Primary Distribution

Deliver dynamic content anywhere in the world

MediaKind’s Distribution portfolio enables quality viewing experiences by reliably and securely distributing the highest quality live video through primary distribution networks.

Broadcasters, content owners, and service providers can now access a secure technology that can enable them to transmit thousands of channels of high-quality personalized content to millions of receiving devices. In the multi-screen entertainment era, flexible processing applications configured to provide any resolution enables secure, cost-effective live content distribution via satellite and IP media workflows, with the best picture quality.

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  • Key Solution Values

Any Network

Provides a flexible, future-proof solution with a low-risk and stepped migration path from satellite to IP distribution.

Securing highly valuable content

Offers the latest content protection technology.

Personalized experience

Enables regionalization and local ad insertion at the head-end or the network edge.

This is the first time we have attempted to decode 4:2:2 video and to ensure the successful delivery of such high value, live content, we naturally opted to extend our long-standing partnership with Avicom Engenharia and MediaKind. Through the acquisition of MediaKind’s RX8200 Advanced Modular Receivers earlier this year, we were able to seamlessly configure and tailor the units into our infrastructure by the time the Games began in late July. The implementation of this IRD provided the necessary functionality to meet our operational requirements andenabled the deliveryof a high-class broadcast of this prestigious sporting event.

Sergio Bruzetti
Project Engineer, RecordTV

Technology Explained

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