Aquila Streaming

OTT media streaming with broadcast-quality streaming experiences

The Emmy® award winning* Aquila Streaming solution enables OTT media delivery service on any network with a broadcast like experience while creating new revenue streams with digital dynamic ad-insertion. Aquila Streaming is a complete live streaming solution that enables you to launch OTT media delivery services rapidly, without compromising on the experience for the consumer. The cloud-based processing and delivery head-end provides flexible scaling and agility while enabling live content to be received, transcoded, packaged, encrypted and delivered seamlessly to the consumer. The solution provides award winning video encoding capabilities alongside the latest packaging formats for live video streaming.


Aquila Streaming provides significant video bandwidth savings, low end-to-end latency and storage optimization, delivering on the all qualities needed for a premium Live Video streaming service up to UHD, with the ability to deliver broadcast-quality level experiences across all networks. Whether viewing their favorite media on the big screen or mobile devices, consumers are guaranteed an extraordinary viewing experience.

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  • Key Solution Values

Award-winning picture quality

Encoding Live delivers the highest video quality, guaranteeing performance across multiple codecs (MPEG-2, H.264 & HEVC)

Universal device support

Support for a wide variety of devices and all leading segment and manifest formats (HLS, SS, DASH, CMAF)

Faster time to market

A single solution to address all networks and all infrastructures while managing the head-end lifecycle through cloud-native applications

Operational simplicity

A single point of entry for all media delivery service and servers’ operations

Optimize spend

Migrate to full IP and leverage the latest cloud technologies to reduce infrastructure costs

Maximum uptime

Highly available with a variety of redundancy
and recovery schemes to reduce churn

Converged broadcast and OTT solutions

Combine with Aquila Broadcast to create an efficient, cost-optimized broadcast and live video streaming solution

We have worked with Mediakind to deliver the video compression and packaging services for our new Premium OTT service because of their speed of delivery, high video quality and integration experience into our dynamic multi device ecosystem.

*2020 Emmy® awarded for Pioneering Deployment of the Event Signaling and Management API & AI/Optimization for Real-Time Video Compression enabled within the MediaKind Aquila Streaming solution

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