Linear Converged Headend

Linear Converged Headend

Linear headends are evolving quickly to be able to fulfil more and more use cases and resolutions. OTT, 4K are all putting pressure on the processing capability on all the headend components and the need to converge these use cases whilst ensuring the systems are simple to use by the operations team requires careful design. Mediakind’s converged headend is designed to evolve your platform in a time that suits your operational team and we can deploy as appliance, private data center or public cloud. Once deployed we ensure your platform compression performance, technology and capabilities continue to evolve, as fast as you would like to deploy releases to increase your revenues.

Linear Converged Headend

Key Values

A new convergent offering supporting all networks (Satellite, Terrestrial, Telco, Cable), supporting CBR, VBR and ABR.

A simple evolution path to customers, enabling different generations of products coexist or integrate.

Leverage all infrastructures, from appliances to datacenters, Private or Public cloud.

A comprehensive set of Hardware and Software Products

Application view

OTT Linear Converged Headend

Customer Testimonial

“We could not launch and operate 20 regions in one year with a traditional approach”

Allen Broom

VP VIPER Engineering, Comcast


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A unified system management platform for MediaKind Video Processing and third party products


MediaKind Controller

A cloud-based, software-defined video processing management tool, part of the MediaKInd software based video processing family.


AVP 4000

Combining the most efficient video delivery with highest picture quality for direct to consumer and primary distribution applications.


MediaKind Encoding Live

Software-defined, cloud-based application that enables the highest quality linear live video encoding for delivery to any screen


MediaKind Packaging

Video packaging application, enabling the distribution, personalization and monetization of multiscreen high quality video services, integrated across devices.


MX8400 Multiplexer

The MX8400 is a dense multiplexing platform, capable of supporting up to eight independent multiplex output transport streams and high data rate throughput


M6100 Satellite Modulator

The M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator is a next generation modulator specifically designed for broadcast, direct-to-home, primary distribution and contribution applications



PRISMA Edge enables the activation of Premium TV Inventory enriched with qualified audience across all workflows (Live and Non linear) in all major streaming protocols with a TV-like experience, protecting from Audience data leakage and ensuring full compliance with privacy protection regulations.

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