Cygnus Contribution

Cygnus Contribution

Cygnus Contribution solutions from MediaKind provide high quality, low latency point-to-point live contribution links via satellite or IP, including reliable ingest into public cloud instance. This supports both content providers and rights holders in acquiring and sharing high value live content with broadcasters and network operators around the world.

Driving Codec Efficiency – Breaking down the bits

Video Contribution Solutions

Key Values

Highest Quality, Lowest Latency

Low latency and high-quality live contribution links including UHD HDR support via satellite or fiber.

Standardized, Flexible

Flexible and future-proofed to support the latest IP interface and content protection standards.

Cost Efficient

Enables a dense, cost effective remote, or home production solution using HEVC to minimize the bandwidth required.

Key Values for the Consumer

Provides the highest quality, low latency live video from events, allowing the consumer to feel like they are there.


Remote/At-Home Production

Demand for coverage of live events, particularly sports, is at an all-time high. For broadcasters, delivering this level of content is an increasing challenge; but even more so at a time when budgets are being squeezed and the environmental impact of operations are being continually scrutinized. This is leading many to turn to remote or at-home production techniques.


Explore our products

MK AVP 3000

The most flexible and scalable Digital Satellite News gathering (DSNG) encoder on the market


MK AVP 2000

A future-proof Contribution Encoder that delivers uncompromising video quality without introducing additional latency.


MK RX8200

The world’s bestselling integrated receiver decoder with DVB-S2X and HEVC capabilities.


MK RX1 receivers

An efficient application delivering high quality content, with industry leading low latency.


MK CE1 Contribution Encoders

The Cygnus CE1 is designed for Contribution networks requiring a variety of input interfaces alongside supporting an “All IP workflow”.

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