Immersive. Personalize. Monetize. Every screen.


TV Service Providers need fresh solutions to engage consumers, personalize services and dynamically monetize across many di¬fferent screens. Orion provides a modern, multi-device, multi-screen platform for immersive TV service delivery. Backed by powerful analytics, UI customization and dynamic ad-insertion features, Orion is the most comprehensive consumer experience solution for Live and OTT service.

Key Values

Personalized and Intuitive

Subscribers viewing search and queue activity will continually tailor their experience, delivering the most relevant content to their devices and eliminating the frustration associated with massive libraries and channel line-ups. Orion delivers these personalized experiences from traditional multicast TV to unicast OTT services.

Data Driven

Orion delivers a comprehensive view of consumers, content preferences and system performance, giving operators actionable insights into customer behavior and system health.

TV Anywhere

Combining both an extensive range of support for Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, phones and tablets with voice control integration Orion provides an engaging, personalized user experience, and new capabilities across all devices.

Maximize Content ROI

Orion maximizes revenue by delivering the content that users want while taking advantage of dynamic ad insertion to deliver quality content, meet content rights requirements and support diverse business requirements at scale.

Orion’s place in the MediaKind Universe

The MediaKind Universe is about people, content and how it is consumed.

Our universe is centered on people. People are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at locations of their choice around the clock. The shift in consumption habits is particularly pronounced and their expectations center on popular, unique and curated content, experienced on a screen of their choice with the best possible quality. Additional preferences on advertising and payment methods complete the total picture.

In the complete picture, there are several trajectories that content producers, distributors and service providers can take to cater to the needs of consumers. Each of these trajectories manifest in the real-world as defined workflows and pose requirements on quality, security, latency, time- and device-shift capabilities. These trajectories or workflows are also the home for content producers, distributors and service providers in the universe. While some industry players might be found in more than one trajectory based on their assets and capabilities, the requirements to bridge across trajectories in order to reach the consumer remain common. The task of delivering the content that consumers crave requires multiple, modern solutions to deliver the consumer experience while also being efficient to deploy, manage and evolve.

The MediaKind Universe presents a set of solutions that fit in these trajectories and enable the smooth flow of content towards the center of the universe – consumers. Orion, Aquila, Pictor, Cygnus and Vega represent the complete capabilities as Solutions in the MediaKind Universe.

OTT and Live content packaged offerings are trending and becoming the backbone to many of the content offerings in the market today. Close to the consumer, our Orion solution family is key to enabling an immersive experience through its intuitive UI, content personalization and personalized ads. In addition, the analytics and insights provided by the platform can enable service providers to build an effective two-sided business model.


Explore our Applications

Media Platforms

The Media Platforms portfolio has applications for every deployment scenario imaginable, with services that cover both Multicast Set-Top-Box to OTT/TV Everywhere deployments; from on-premise IPTV to Platform-as-a-Service commercial models.


Advertising and Distribution Rights

MediaKind’s advertising capabilities allow our customers to take advantage of new business opportunities and protect against constantly evolving challenges introduced by a digital world.