AVP 4000 System Encoder

Pairing High Video Quality & Bandwidth Efficiency

The video delivery and broadcast landscape is more competitive than ever before, with the growth of TV anywhere and on any device. Meanwhile, video quality is in a continuing process of refinement and transition, from SD, to HD, and now to 4K UHDTV. Added to this is the unprecedented volume of available content. The AVP 4000 System Encoder efficiently delivers high quality content while helping operators to satisfy consumer demand for greater content choice and accessibility on all devices. AVP 4000 System Encoders offers a future-proof modular architecture that permits on-site upgrades with no hassle or interruption. Powered by MediaKind’s first in-house programmable video chip, the AVP 4000 system encoders handle MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC, with a smooth upgrade path to 4K UHDTV.

AVP 4000 System Encoder

Single Platform, Multiple Applications

AVP 4000 addresses the high quality system encoding requirements of IPTV, cable, satellite and broadcast operators. It provides the highest video processing and broadcast performance in the industry, all on a single platform. Ultimately this means fast service deployment, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and multiple applications for all codecs, resolutions and profiles, enabling deeper customer engagement and responsiveness to market needs.

The World’s Most Advanced Hardware-Based Video Processing Engine

Part of MediaKind’s pioneering range of dedicated hardware video processing platforms, the AVP 4000 System Encoder is designed to meet all primary distribution and direct-to-consumer applications and service needs, transforming the standard of video encoding performance and delivering unrivalled SD, HD and 4K UHDTV video quality utilizing MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC compression standards. Using MediaKind’s in-house algorithms, based on 20+ years of compression expertise, the AVP 4000 is largely considered as the most advanced hardware based video processing engine for TV service delivery.

Video Delivery Efficiency

Optimizing OPEX and CAPEX costs through superior compression techniques and algorithms. The AVP 4000 System Encoder also allows operators to deploy spare encoding capacity for new applications.

Multi-Purpose Platform

Multiple applications for all codecs, formats, resolutions and profiles enables deeper customer engagement and responsiveness to market needs. Covering traditional broadcast and multiscreen service delivery, from a single platform.

Engaging The Consumer With High Video Quality

MediaKind’s AVP 4000 System Encoders ensures unparalleled Quality of Experience for the consumer.

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