A new, more immersive, television experience is here

With higher resolution, wider colour gamut and extended dynamic range, the new ultra high definition (UHD) TV standards define a container which allows content creators to offer the consumer a much more immersive visual experience. Although very little content exploiting the full range of the container is yet available, some artefacts associated with the compression of high dynamic range content have already been identified and reported in the literature. Specifically, the chroma subsampling process has been shown to cause disturbing artefacts for image regions of certain colour and luminance. This study quantifies the distortion and identifies regions of the extended colour volume where artefacts associated with standard image processing techniques are more likely to occur. In doing so, it highlights that the problems will become greater as more content exploiting the full UHD container becomes available, requiring additional care and processing in content production and delivery. Finally, the study references ways of overcoming these issues.

This paper was first presented at IBC 2017