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Sports is finally returning to our screens, forever changed, but driven by innovative new technologies and new ways of working. Covering the end-to-end sports value chain, we will look at optimizing your remote productions, extending your audience reach through broadcast quality streaming and how you can achieve greater brand activation through targeted and virtual advertising.

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Remote/At-Home Production

Challenges, opportunities and the future

Application paper

Unifying Advertising and Alternate Content across Broadcast & IP Networks

Programmers and MVPDs are coming under increasing pressure to deliver fully personalized and relevant video experiences.

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Sports streaming 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for many different reasons, and live sports have proved no exception.


Remote or At-Home Production: Challenges, opportunities and the future of live sports events

New opportunities in the European sports media market

Transforming live sports viewing in the months of lockdown

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Sports Technology Day
Demo tracks

Track 1
Optimize your Remote/At-home productions

With social distancing meaning less production staff at events, less international travel and less people allowed in a single OB Van or Truck, the use of remote and at-home production is increasing. This track will demonstrate how to do this with low latency, high quality and the best choice of network for both UHD and HD video. We’ll also highlight how you can make use of our flexible network interfacing to utilize the best available connectivity, whether it’s Satellite, the Cloud or the open internet we’ve got you covered.

Track 2
Extend your Reach with Broadcast grade Streaming

This track will demonstrate how you can take advantage of our cloud-based solutions to stream broadcast grade video with the best quality and at a realistic cost. We will demonstrate the key features that enable viewing on any device including showing how our ‘Constant Video Quality’ algorithms achieve market leading video quality with lowest latency and delivery cost all with an optimized deployment that reduces the amount of infrastructure needed. Ensuring your sports experience, whether on the main screen or on mobile can be delivered with the best TCO.

Track 3
Achieve greater brand activation through targeted and virtual advertising

In a time when revenue from direct sports rights are being challenged, content owners are looking to create better value for their brand partners, sponsors and advertisers. This includes unlocking additional revenue by targeting ad content and creating regional relevance for global sponsors. This track exposes ways this can be achieved through a combination of technology and partnerships, unlocking revenue and creating value for your fans.