Live Streaming 2020 : Ahead with Cloud

It's been an unprecedented start to 2020 for everyone. In the current climate where live content is limited and streamed OTT library content is king, what happens when viewers and subscribers regain the appetite and want to binge on live sports and event content seeing a surge of activity hopefully towards the second half of 2020?

Join Richard Mansfield, Head of Media Delivery & Advertising Product Management, as he addresses the challenges media operators are facing from the increasing demand of high-end user experience services while ensuring operational costs remain under strict control. This webinar will also touch on the MediaKind Aquila Streaming solution that empowers media operators to deliver the most unique and immersive ways for their subscribers and viewers to consume video.

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  • Customer challenges in delivering the best Quality of Experience services, Time to Market and Operational Efficiency
  • What Aquila Streaming offers to service providers and ease the cloudification process
  • The drivers to go with Headend cloudification

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Date: Thursday, 4th June 2020
Time: 8:30am BST / 1pm (IST) / 3:30pm (SGT)

Webinar Speaker

Richard Mansfield

Director Streaming & Delivery, MediaKind

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