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Aquila Streaming - also available 'As-a-Service!

Key Values For Broadcasters

  • Broadcast-like a experience with end-to-end low latency
  • Innovative TCO optimization that minimizes bandwidth and storage costs
  • Flexible operations for all deployments with centralized management for the head-end lifecycle

Key Values For Consumers

  • Targeted content with premium video quality to everyone, everywhere!

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Aquila Streaming:
Enable a broadcast like experience while processing & delivering video over any streaming network (Cable, IPTV & OTT) to any device. Aquila is available as an appliance, software, private or public cloud, or as a MediaKind delivered service.

Aquila Broadcasting: A broadcasting solution to minimise costs, maintain quality up to UHD HDR services whilst enabling broadcasters to transform their workflow to an all-IP architecture.

Prisma Core:
PRISMA core helps Operators and MVPDs to address the increasing complexity of managing and enforcing contractual & legal obligations related to linear content rights across traditional broadcast and IP Delivery.

Prisma Edge:
Ensure enforced and contractual obligations are fulfilled over complex IP distribution architectures. It also helps Monetize existing and new ad inventories created by an ever increasing, non-linear content consumption.

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