Increasing the value of existing content
Machine Learning for HD to UHD Up-Conversion

There is currently a wealth of high value content languishing in the archives of TV Service Providers and Ultra HD (UHD) is now part of mainstream TV production, with high quality UHD TV sets accounting for a significant proportion of all new TVs sold globally. The popularity of UHD has raised expectations for stunning, high quality content and viewing experiences. How can operators find ways of monetizing the wealth of content they already have but satisfy the consumer craving for high quality, immersive experiences at the same time?

The question about where to get valuable UHD content remains open-ended, even though traditional up-conversion techniques exist, they can result in an end user experience that is more'HD-like'than UHD.

Based on the findings in a new MediaKind application paper, this webinar, hosted by Tony Jones, Principal Technologist at MediaKind, explores a different approach to monetizing high value library content using up-conversion and leveraging Generative Adversarial Neural Networks to synthesize detail in the unconverted image. This leads to an experience that is much closer to native UHD – and a more compelling, higher quality offering for consumers.

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  • How broadcasters are able to activate the wealth of yesterday’s content with the expected experience of today.
  • A detailed exploration of Generative Adversarial Neural Networks and how this is synthesized to provide a stunning quality, better-than-being-there experience
  • How broadcasters can provide higher quality experiences, moving from a few UHD events to full-time or pop up channels, delivered only over ABR infrastructure

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Date: Wednesday, 10th June 2020
Time: 3pm BST / 4pm CET / 9am CST

Webinar Speaker

Tony Jones

Principal Technologist, MediaKind

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