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13-17 September 2019


Your Journey. Our Universe.

To meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers, it’s essential for broadcasters and operators to quickly adapt their offerings and deliver next-generation immersive media experiences for everyone, everywhere. Our universe is centered on people, who are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at their preferred locations, around the clock.

MediaKind at IBC2019 – What To Anticipate?

Get ready to experience the full breadth of the MediaKind Universe portfolio at IBC2019, an event that is one of the world’s leading media, entertainment, and technology shows. It is your opportunity to discover how our innovations and partnerships are responding to consumer demands, especially in immersive live viewing through our latest innovations in 360-degree video delivery. Be there to explore our latest innovations and enjoy the quality immersive media experiences in a comfortable and consultative environment.

Personalizing Media Experience through Collaboration

Personalizing Media Experience through Collaboration

We will demonstrate our live and on-demand services in real-time, with an opportunity for our clients to Create, Curate, and Consume.

Addressing Customer Challenges & Real Applications

Addressing Customer Challenges & Real Applications

We will showcase our applied solutions that address the top five real-life challenges faced by our customers and deliver end-to-end value.

Demonstrating our latest innovations in Media Tech

Demonstrating our latest innovations in Media Tech

Our media experts will answer all queries about our latest innovations, while we exhibit our top portfolio and technologies.

  • Reception

  • Live 360

    Experience the evolution and advancements in our Cygnus 360.

    Check out how you can leverage 360aaS.

  • Live Contribution

    Explore how you can deploy Remote Production with security and low latency.

  • Primary Distribution

    Check out our flexible and multi-purpose RX1 that is changing the rules of the game.

    Explore the agility and efficiency of distributed cloud architecture.

  • Universe Table

    Understand the complete breadth of our portfolio and how we provide solutions from glass-to-glass.

  • Creation to Consumption

    TV Service Providers need fresh solutions to engage consumers, personalize services and dynamically monetize across many different screens. Orion provides a modern, multi-device, multi-screen platform for immersive TV service delivery.

  • Consumer Experience

    Deliver immersive consumer experiences through:

    • Migration to our Next Gen Media Platform (No Set Top Box gets left behind)
    • Next Gen Media Platform experience (Content discovery, UX flexibility, A/B testing, voice integration)
    • TVaaS

    – Our offering of TVaaS for Operators and Broadcasters
    – Reduce your Time To Market
    – Wide range of device support
    – Multi-tenancy

    • Analytics and actionable insights – Know your consumers

  • Storage. Delivery

    Experience storage efficiency with VSPP, optimised media delivery with MediaEdge and our Aquila On Demand packaged solution.

  • Advertising. Linear Rights

    Experience how we deploy a unified infrastructure for Dynamic Ad insertion, blackout and alternate content across all networks.

  • Media Tech Zone

    Experience our latest and cutting edge innovations in Machine Learning, Future Codecs, advancements in Compression technologies, Low Latency ABR, Smart Metadata.

    Discuss your media challenges with our Experts!!

  • Media Headend

    Picture Quality

    Experience our leadership in delivering picture quality at all resolutions.

  • Media Headend

    Operational & Compression Efficiency

    Check out our TCO calculator, System Management and Control efficiencies.

  • Content Creation

    Try your hand at Racing cars and participate in live content creation that is used for the journey from glass-to-glass.

  • End to End Consultation

    Discuss your challenges with our experts, participate in creation of an end-to-end workflow that helps you deliver immersive experiences to your consumers.

  • Café

    Enjoy our world famous Baristas.

  • Stroopwaffles

    Relax and enjoy a stroopwaffle specially prepared for you on our stand.

9 things you will miss if you don't visit us at IBC

New Consumer Experiences through Live 360o as a Sevice

Actionable insights and data driven decisions through Analytics

Discover our new solution launches

Our unique value in XaaS

Innovative and Immersive Consumer Experiences

Next Generation Contribution

Enjoy a Stroopwaffles made specially for you

Try your hand on racing cars while creating live content

Relax and reflect on your day with our Happy Hour in the evening

About MediaKind

We are MediaKind, a global leader of media technology and services, established as a joint venture between One Equity Partners and Ericsson. Our mission is to be the first choice among service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters looking to deliver immersive media experiences. Drawing on our longstanding industry heritage, we are driving next-generation live and on-demand, mobile and multiscreen media experiences for everyone, everywhere. Our end-to-end portfolio of media solutions include Emmy award-winning video compression solutions for contribution and direct-to-consumer video service distribution; advertising and content personalization solutions; high efficiency cloud DVR; and TV and video delivery platforms.

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