Director 128

Powerful and secure end-to-end management of contribution and primary distribution networks

  • Director 128

  • Enhanced Content Protection

  • IP & Satellite

  • Simple to use

The Director 128 offers service providers a powerful and effective end-to-end management of their contribution/distribution networks. It offers enhanced content protection with IP & Satellite support and is quite simple to use, making it a complete content solution.

MediaKind has partnered with a major security vendor and has combined decades of experience to develop Director 128. The innovative solution offers a next-generation level of protection with 128-bit security along with future BISS support for open standard capability.

Director 128 has the advanced provision to offer support for both Satellite transmission and IP networks. It also offers a return path for greater visibility.

The solution offers improved entitlement control with much better access to information and status. The result is a simplified access whilst remaining highly secure.

We are delighted to have worked with Mediakind and our other partners in this ground breaking As a Service project to deliver high quality 360 video to our viewers. This enabled a world’s first in delivering multi-channel, tiled 6K 360 sporting content and pushes the consumer experience to a different level for all our sports fans.

Thomas Buchholz
Senior Export Experiences

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