Cygnus 360o Events

Cygnus 360o Events

The Cygnus 360° Events solution from MediaKind provides high quality, high resolution 360° video from live events enabling a more immersive, more engaging experience for the viewer.

Media Content Distribution

Key Values

Highest Quality

For a truly immersive experience enabling the highest quality resolutions.

Simple, cost effective deployment

Making it simple to add 360° to any live events coverage application through an ‘as a Service’ model.

Making the difference

360° video can easily be added to existing live events coverage to differentiate services for consumers.

Key Values for the Consumer

Take control of how to view a live event and feel you are there with high resolution 360° video and different camera views.


Cloud aaS – What does this mean for the media industry?

Join Arnaud Caron, Director Portfolio Transformation, as he addresses why ‘as-a-Service’ models are now table stakes across the media and entertainment industry. Based on the findings of MediaKind application paper, this webinar will explore various cloud-based models and the future potential of Software-as-a Service (SaaS) models.

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