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Speaker Session: Characterization of Processing Artifacts in High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut Video

A new, more immersive, television experience is here. With higher resolution, wider color gamut and extended dynamic range, the new Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV standards define a container which allows content creators to offer the consumer a much more immersive visual experience.

Although very little content exploiting the full range of the container is yet available, some artifacts associated with the compression of high dynamic range (HDR) content have already been identified. Specifically, the chroma subsampling process has been shown to cause disturbing artifacts for image regions of certain color and luminance.

This session looks to quantify the distortion and identifies regions of the extended color volume where artifacts associated with standard image processing techniques are more likely to occur. In doing so, it highlights that the problems will become greater as more content exploiting the full UHD container becomes available, requiring additional care and processing in content production and delivery. It also references ways of overcoming these issues.

About the speaker:

Olie Baumann is Senior Technical Specialist, Video Processing, Media Solutions at Ericsson. In this role, Olie is responsible for leading research into video compression and associated technologies . He has delivered several proof of concept demonstrations in high dynamic range and 360º (VR) video.

Olie joined Ericsson in 2013 and previously held roles as Senior Algorithms Research Engineer and Principal Engineer. Prior to this, he spent five years working as a research fellow in the field of active vibration control and a further five year working in biomedical signal processing.

Olie received his Master of Engineering degree in 2000 and his Ph.D. in image processing in 2004, both from the University of Southampton, UK. His work has been published in a number of journals by leading industry bodies including SMPTE and EBU, on topics such as the delivery of high dynamic range, ultra high definition television and HEVC.