MediaKind TV

Episode 5

Cygnus & Aquila : Compression, OTT, QoE

Luke Williams reveals the key to its client base being most recent age innovation, customer service and high quality that leads to immersive customer experience.

Episode 4

Orion - Advertising, Analytics, MediaFirst

Watch Paul O'Donovan as he talks about personalized viewing experience with MediaKind platform. He highlights how it will benefit the end consumer and also the operator to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time with the lower operating cost.

Episode 3

UHD and HDR, All IP Transformation

Matthew Goldman outlines how definition of television has changed today. It’s no longer only about large screen but an immersive viewing experience. He explains how exciting is the new immersive viewing that involves 4k, Image Resolution, HDR, 3D Generation Sound, Advanced Technology and much more.

Episode 2

Olie Baumann outlines the innovative solutions like Picture Quality, Smart Cities, 360o video from MediaKind on our showcase.

Episode 1

Consumer is at the centre of our universe.

Watch Stuart Boorn (Head – Product Management) outline how MediaKind Universe helps the content owners and service providers deliver an immersive media experience to the consumer.

Brand Video

We understand the power of media and how it is evolving. It runs in our DNA. It’s our passion. Read more