MX8400 System Multiplexer

Multiple Applications

The MediaKind MX8400 System Multiplexer serves a wide range of multiplexing and re-multiplexing applications, including primary multiplexing in headends for DTH satellite, contribution and primary distribution systems, as well as applications in cable and terrestrial central headends.

MX8400 System Multiplexer

Dense Solution

The MX8400 is a dense multiplexing platform, capable of supporting up to eight independent multiplex output transport streams and high data rate throughput. This allows for greater flexibility and upgrade ease for future system expansion, whilst also saving precious space in operational centres. Combined with powerful stream processing, MediaKind’s Reflex™ Statistical Multiplexing capability and highly secure DVB Conditional Access (CA) scrambling, the MX8400 is at the heart of any MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD based broadcast system.

Powerful Processing

The MX8400 System Multiplexer supports high throughput with 250 Mbps capable transport streams and maximum utilization of output Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth. The design of the MX8400 features highly efficient multiplexing algorithms for optimal processing.

Dense Platform

The MX8400’s highly dense platform saves precious space and cost when deployed within operational centers.


Combining high data capability with a feature-rich and modular platform makes the MX8400 Multiplexer an ideal future proofing choice.

Saves Bandwidth Cost

The integral Reflex™ Statistical Multiplexing capability can save significant bandwidth costs when utilized in Variable Bit Rate (VBR) applications.

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