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World class media-centric professional services to design, launch, support, optimize and manage your operations.

Key Values

Reduce your time to market

With our Project Management, Consulting and Integration & Testing services we help you to optimize your deployment and how this reaches your customers. We are continually adapting our services to the changing market and ensure that your ideas are delivered at the speed your customers demand.

Continual collaboration

We continually collaborate with you from the requirement phase to the daily operation of your live media systems. Full and committed engagement with you through our professional services, ensure that your media offerings always reach your consumers and delight both them and you.

Maintain your customer’s delight

Our support offerings provide timely response and resolution as well as proactive assistance to maintain the highest level of availability of your media platforms, ensuring your customer’s delight and loyalty.

Vega’s place in the MediaKind Universe

The MediaKind Universe is about people, content and how it is consumed.

Our universe is centered on people. People are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at locations of their choice around the clock. The shift in consumption habits is particularly pronounced and their expectations center on popular, unique and curated content, experienced on a screen of their choice with the best possible quality. Additional preferences on advertising and payment methods complete the total picture.

In the complete picture, there are several trajectories that content producers, distributors and service providers can take to cater to the needs of consumers. Each of these trajectories manifest in the real-world as defined workflows and pose requirements on quality, security, latency, time- and device-shift capabilities. These trajectories or workflows are also the home for content producers, distributors and service providers in the universe. While some industry players might be found in more than one trajectory based on their assets and capabilities, the requirements to bridge across trajectories in order to reach the consumer remain common. The task of delivering the content that consumers crave requires multiple, modern solutions to deliver the consumer experience while also being efficient to deploy, manage and evolve.

The MediaKind Universe presents a set of solutions that fit in these trajectories and enable the smooth flow of content towards the center of the universe – consumers. Orion, Aquila, Pictor, Cygnus and Vega represent the complete capabilities as Solutions in the MediaKind Universe.

The Vega solution family ensures a smooth implementation and operation of the applications derived by the other solution families within the MediaKind Universe. It ensures consistency and continuity of service through its professional services and Orbit Support capabilities and offerings.

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Professional Services

Complimenting the MediaKind portfolio, our Professional Services offerings range from solution design through to complete solution roll outs, and everything in between. Engaging MediaKind ensures you minimize risk and maximize solution utilization by using best in class media experts, tools and methodologies.



MediaKind’s Orbit Support solutions deliver confidence by offering the best in class expertise to ensure continued operations of your media infrastructure. Our multi-tiered support offerings allow you to select the most appropriate level to meet your business and technical needs.

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