RX9500 Bulk Descrambler

Adding Value To Direct To Consumer Service Packages

MediaKind’s RX9500 Bulk Descrambler enables Cable, IPTV, and other Direct to Consumer operators to efficiently turn around encrypted and free to air content from satellite platforms. This enables service line ups to be expanded with additional channels, adding to the value of service packages and subscription bases. The RX9500 is highly dense with low rack occupancy, and allows operators to demodulate and descramble 10s or 100s of services from multiple satellite transponders.

Up to 6 Satellite Multiplexes

The RX9500 is operationally efficient with the ability to process up to 6 satellite multiplexes of scrambled or free-to-air content. It can also be equipped to descramble services presented on an IP TS input.

Designed With Standards

The RX9500 Bulk Descrambler is able to descramble services via DVB Common Interface modules ensuring that all frequently used CA systems can be addressed.

100s New Channels

The ability to easily add 10s or 100s of new channels to existing service packages can lead to new revenue opportunities and reduce consumer churn.