MediaKind Encoding On Demand

MediaKind’s Unified Solution To A Wide Array Of Video Processing Challenges

MediaKind’s robust cloud-based video processing solution is bursting with a stunning range of capabilities. The MediaKind software video processing family has been developed as a suite of applications which address the full media processing requirements of TV Service Providers. It is the single most advanced cloud-based and virtualized video processing solution in the industry, powering the very latest immersive TV experiences.

Video Encoder Software - Encoding On Demand

Fine-Tuned For Compelling Premium Services

Encoding On Demand is a fast, high performance file-based transcoding application, part of MediaKind’s Video Processing family. It is fine-tuned for compelling premium services, such as Video On Demand (VOD) and catch-up TV for delivery to a full range of consumer devices.

Speed Without Hardware Acceleration

MediaKind Encoding On Demand processes standard definition content at a rate of 25x real time. While other solutions may require specific hardware acceleration to achieve these same speeds or quality, exceptional processing speed is directly built-in to the application. The all-software solution means future enhancements are just an update away. It also means that MediaKind Encoding On Demand can excel in almost any environment: bare servers, virtual environment, private or public cloud.

Efficiently Delivering The Ultimate On Demand Quality Of Experience

Integrated with unique in-house codecs, tailored to provide the highest video quality for any device, from 4K Ultra HD to mobile resolutions.

Increase Revenue Opportunities

Optimize metadata and monetize assets by taking full advantage of ad placement capabilities within the software.

Highly Scalable

Thanks to distributed micro-services, Encoding On Demand is entirely cloud-ready. Solution control and licensing management is centralized through a single access point.

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