Video Storage and Processing Platform

Keep Up With The TV Anywhere Revolution

Delivering next-generation TV services, including cloud DVR and time-shift experiences on any screen is a competitive necessity in today’s world of video. But, any operator knows that to keep up with the TV anywhere revolution, meet consumer demands, and avoid customer churn is not a trivial effort. In fact, it is a daunting task with its multiple integration points, including multiple servers required for storage, video streaming, OTT video streaming, transcoding, and many more. Delivering next-generation TV experiences can be downright complex, costly and time consuming.

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What is Cloud DVR?

What cDVR architecture types are there?

Video Storage and Processing Platform

Next-Gen, Modular Architecture For Advanced Tv Services

Our Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) solution powers a unified solution for cloud DVR, on-demand, and time/place-shifted TV services offering better performance, reduced latency, and much lower CAPEX and TCO. Even more, its simplified architecture and workflow accelerate time to market, which translates into accelerated time to revenue for your advanced TV services. Not only will you be able to compete more effectively, but we’ll also open up a new world of possibilities with our open APIs ecosystem, replete with opportunities to help you expand your existing offering.

As a video-optimized storage and processing platform, our solution has a simplified architecture that is componentized and scalable. It is built to support multiple services, multiple networks and multiple devices – cost-effectively and with massive scale-out and high performance.

With our proven solution, unique expertise, and experience, customers can confidently know that they can quickly, easily and cost-effectively address the increased consumption of managed live, on-demand, and time-shifted video services across a multitude of devices.

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Simplified Architecture

VSPP is uniquely designed to unify video processing and storage clusters to offer a simplified architecture, maintenance and economics while delivering superior performance.

40% Fewer Servers

Reduce costs with up to 40% fewer servers, COTS, and eliminate single-purpose server silos.


The solution is a field-proven platform supporting hundreds of petabytes of video storage and massive concurrent recordings and playouts—cost effectively, and with unmatched performance.

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