A multi-codec, multi-service, flexibly deployable professional receiver decoder specifically developed to meet the needs of the contribution market

  • A COTS platform that
    creates endless new possibilities

  • Maintaining video quality
    with ultra-low latency

  • Maintain integrity of high quality,
    valuable content

The flexibility of MK RX1’s software and application-based design will ultimately enable operators to create a multitude of different processing functions and capabilities on a Common Off The Shelf (COTS) platform and cloud-based network. Use cases range from ad-hoc events and multi-screen viewing to Contribution applications, where users need different types of media processing functions at different times and different locations without having to invest in extra hardware or products.

MK RX1 is an efficient way for Content Providers as well as B2B Service Providers and Network Operators to deliver high quality content across Contribution Networks, with the lowest latency in the industry. In fact, MediaKind Content Processing’s initial application is a very low latency UHDTV decode function, enabling new revenue streams and a more compelling consumer experience.

The initial UHDTV decode application will enable high value, quality content to be delivered at high bit rates and throughput, while maintaining integrity for content manipulation use cases across the video delivery chain.

We chose MediaKind because of its proven expertise and innovation in IP-based sports broadcasting solutions. With our extensive experience delivering mission-critical live content, MediaKind is the ideal partner for us to support NESN’s delivery workflow transformation. NESN now benefits from a flexible video distribution network, and guaranteed delivery of superior live sports feeds for Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins games, as well as hundreds of other live college sports events.

Robert Szabo-Rowe
SVP Engineering and Product Management, The Switch

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