Media Edge

Software-based, modular and linearly scalable distributed edge solution with combined caching and real-time edge processing capabilities

  • OTT Migration

  • Origin Storage Plus Delivery Nodes

Traditional managed service providers, as well as content providers and broadcasters, have all migrated their legacy CBR (Constant & Variable Bitrate, Transport Stream based) content to ABR (Adaptive Bitrate, video chunk delivery).

This has been driven by the astronomical rise in place-shifting (watching entertainment on mobile devices) as well as the need to share the same content between fixed devices (e.g. Set-Top Boxes in-home) and mobile devices (e.g. iPhones, tablets, laptops).

However, this mass migration to ABR content delivery has ushered in a variety of competing streaming standards such as HSS, HLS, DASH and CMAF, as well as a broad offering of DRM (digital rights management) solutions to protect the delivery of ABR content over managed and unmanaged networks. Media Edge resolves these challenges in a single solution that can be deployed economically deep into the edge network of the content distributor.

The OTT challenges inherent to this mass ABR migration also require a solution that can store content efficiently one time and then transcode, encryption and stream specifically per a variety of client-types’ demands requesting the content.

Otherwise, costly storage and associated network distribution costs will be necessary in downstream delivery nodes to store an individual copy of each piece of content per each type of DRM or streaming format needing to be streamed.

Media Edge meets these challenges as well, which means that the hardware costs for storage at each edge location can be minimized by leveraging cost effective delivery node edge storage capabilities within each Media Edge in the network, without the need to store or distribute multiple formats of content (since different formats can be generated on the fly).

A centralized Origin Storage (e.g. VSPP) can efficiently distribute single copies of content specific to each Media Edge delivery node as needed and leave the formatting, streaming and encryption demands up to each localized Media Edge.

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