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The eight edition of Ericsson’s annual TV and Media ConsumerLab report reveals insights from more than 1 billion consumers. It details the massive growth in TV and video viewing and the ongoing shift in the way consumers watch content. See some of the key findings below.


30 %

of consumers say that they will use VR for TV & video viewing in 5 years’ time

70 %

of consumers watch TV & video on a smartphone today – double the amount from 2012

50 %

By 2020, only 1 in 10 consumers will be stuck watching TV only on a traditional screen, a 50% decrease compared to 2020

51 mins

spent searching for something to watch every day

54 %

16-19 year olds spend more than half of their time watching on-demand, an increase of more than 100% – or almost 10 hours a week – since 2010

79 %

60-69 year olds still spend almost 80% of their viewing time watching live and scheduled linear TV, which is almost as much as in 2013