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Pictor embodies creative thinking for today’s challenging world of media delivery. Video is no longer stagnant nor immobile and no longer comes in limited flavors. Today’s world of video requires bold solutions capable of ingesting any type of video feed and format, dynamically storing video when and where appropriate, doing so on a heterogeneous mix of physical storage hardware, and streaming live and stored video On Demand to a wide variety of device types, each with their own technical requirements.

Pictor Media Delivery Solutions

Key Values

Maximize Media ROI

Pictor is designed to maximize the return on every drop of CAPEX investment by the operator (i.e. compute power, storage, HVAC, networking) to reduce data center footprints for the largest storage and processing power possible.

Futureproof Customer Satisfaction

Pictor is designed with an adapting support infrastructure to seamlessly change any format of incoming content to any format of outgoing requested content.

Reduce Core Network TCO

Pictor enables operators to save network costs with geographically dispersed topologies by greatly reducing the video traffic over one of their most valuable assets – their core network.

Old and New Live in Harmony

In order to maximize the total number of addressable consumers, Pictor has been designed to simultaneously support the broadest range of legacy devices (e.g. cable, satellite and telco IPTV Set-tops) and newest Over-the-Top devices (e.g. Roku, Tablets, Smart Phones).

Pictor’s place in the MediaKind Universe

The MediaKind Universe is about people, content and how it is consumed.

Our universe is centered on people. People are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at locations of their choice around the clock. The shift in consumption habits is particularly pronounced and their expectations center on popular, unique and curated content, experienced on a screen of their choice with the best possible quality. Additional preferences on advertising and payment methods complete the total picture.

In the complete picture, there are several trajectories that content producers, distributors and service providers can take to cater to the needs of consumers. Each of these trajectories manifest in the real-world as defined workflows and pose requirements on quality, security, latency, time- and device-shift capabilities. These trajectories or workflows are also the home for content producers, distributors and service providers in the universe. While some industry players might be found in more than one trajectory based on their assets and capabilities, the requirements to bridge across trajectories in order to reach the consumer remain common. The task of delivering the content that consumers crave requires multiple, modern solutions to deliver the consumer experience while also being efficient to deploy, manage and evolve.

The MediaKind Universe presents a set of solutions that fit in these trajectories and enable the smooth flow of content towards the center of the universe – consumers. Orion, Aquila, Pictor, Cygnus and Vega represent the complete capabilities as Solutions in the MediaKind Universe.

In order to differentiate and to drive more cost efficiency within network delivery, TV Service Providers are adding capabilities such as Cloud DVR and Time Shift TV across networks for their customers. The Pictor solution family can make it possible for many of our customers looking to compete and increase their subscriber base.


Explore our Applications

Cloud DVR and Time Shift TV

Our 100% software-based storage and processing platform is ideal for all Cloud DVR & Time Shift TV applications, even hybrid implementations in which some recordings are private and others are shared.


Video Delivery Network

Video Delivery Network Solution Area of the Pictor Solution Family sets itself apart by focusing on the edge network and specific challenges of distributed customer topologies.

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