RX8300 Integrated Receiver Decoder

RX8300 Integrated Receiver Decoder

Up-To-Date Optimized Feature Set

The MediaKind RX8300 Integrated Receiver Decoder is perfectly optimized for receiving and turning round content off air. Ideally suited to ATSC Broadcast and Primary Distribution applications, the RX8300 combines maximum transmission efficiency with easy remote management of the receiver population. Its expertly tailored and up-to-date feature set decodes video content and descrambles transport streams for B2B turnaround systems the world over.

Minimizing Capex & Opex

This cost-effective platform not only saves on initial capex outlay but also ongoing Total Cost of Ownership and operation through its delivery efficiency and its inherent remote management capability.

Service Delivery Efficiency

Combining some of the latest decode compression efficiencies and satellite demodulation standards, the RX8300 is among the most efficient ATSC integrated receiver decoders in the world.

Easy Migration To More Efficient Delivery

Multiple format and decode support makes it easy for Content Distributors to migrate to more efficient codecs and formats.

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