8th Jul 2020

Delivering the Chattanooga Film Festival

Virtual events have become the bedrock of the ‘new normal’, keeping us connected and entertained at a time when physical, face-to-face events are unable to safely take place. But thanks to the capabilities of today’s cloud technologies, events can be re-imagined. The virtual space can offer a plethora of opportunities for participants and attendees to interact and engage, while also removing some of the constraints around accessibility.

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30th Jun 2020

Getting your disruption on - Uncovering media opportunities

If necessity is the mother of invention, one could say that progress is the child of disruption.
The dramatic interruption to our daily lives by the 2020 pandemic has perhaps been the final straw for an already disrupted Pay TV market, forcing broadcasters, content owners and traditional Pay TV operators to evaluate their existing technologies and business strategies.

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17th Jun 2020

Accelerating Immersive 360 Live Video in ‘The New Normal’

COVID-19 has severely limited this year’s calendar of live events so far, but things are beginning to change as we enter the second half of 2020. With some sporting events already taking place behind closed doors and audiences restricted to watching the action on screens, could 360-degree content offer broadcasters, sports leagues and rights owners with a unique way to engage and connect with fans, and enable immersive and highly personalized viewing experiences?

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10th Jun 2020

Increasing the value of existing content Machine Learning for HD to UHD Up-Conversion

There is currently a wealth of high value content languishing in the archives of TV Service Providers and Ultra HD (UHD) is now part of mainstream TV production, with high quality UHD TV sets accounting for a significant proportion of all new TVs sold globally.

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29th Jun 2020

Live Streaming 2020 : Delivering broadcast quality experiences

While OTT library streaming services have grown exponentially in the current climate, the challenge of latency remains for live content. When the live content and event streaming binge watching resumes in second half of 2020, it will put a spotlight back on the latency issues. With the advancement in media technology, the gap is being bridged between live broadcast and OTT streaming.

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27th May 2020

From On-Demand to Live: The Evolution of Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) Technology

Register now for this in-depth presentation on the evolution of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) technology, hosted by Matthew Goldman, SVP Technology. With ABR initially designed for on-demand content, the design did not consider what would be needed to get ‘broadcast- like’ low latency and scalability for live video.

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18th May 2020

Overcoming the Video Storage Challenge

Please join Meir Lehrer (VP, Portfolio Development) and Maor Shirazi (Product Manager, VSPP) to explore the key challenges of ever-increasing needs for video storage where cost and complexity of storage could become bottleneck for the video services.

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4th Jun 2020

Live Streaming 2020 : Ahead with Cloud

It's been an unprecedented start to 2020 for everyone. In the current climate where live content is limited and streamed OTT library content is king, what happens when viewers and subscribers regain the appetite and want to binge on live sports and event content seeing a surge of activity hopefully towards the second half of 2020?

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13th May 2020

Cloud aaS – What does this mean for the media industry?

Join Arnaud Caron, Director Portfolio Transformation, as he addresses why ‘as-a-Service’ models are now table stakes across the media and entertainment industry. Based on the findings of MediaKind application paper, this webinar will explore various cloud-based models and the future potential of Software-as-a Service (SaaS) models.

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5th May 2020

Live Streaming 2020 – Shifting Consumer Habits

Missed the Live Webinar? Register and watch the On Demand Webinar.

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4th May 2020

Unifying Advertising and Alternate Content across Broadcast & IP Networks

During this webinar, Christophe Kind, Director Market Development, Video Advertising, MediaKind, will explore the various use cases and applications that can address issues related to placement management, Alternate Content & Blackout as well as advanced TV advertising, whether linear/schedule-based or impression-based.

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29th Apr 2020

5G Live: The Future of Live Video Production

5G technologies open some interesting new capabilities for connectivity. With today’s consumers craving unique, immersive and highly personalized media experiences to enhance and complement standard linear broadcast and VOD offerings delivering this content seamlessly is a challenge telcos and media vendors need to overcome.

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7th Apr 2020

Video Storage/Cloud DVR: Complex Considerations, Big Payoffs

Missed the Live Webinar? Register and watch the On Demand Webinar.

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