Overcoming the Video Storage Challenge


Overcoming the Video Storage Challenge

Please join Meir Lehrer (VP, Portfolio Development) and Maor Shirazi (Product Manager, VSPP) to explore the key challenges of ever-increasing needs for video storage where cost and complexity of storage could become bottleneck for the video services.

We will examine the true TCO of a storage solution with hidden cost that many service providers had overlooked. How can services providers make the right choice on a future proof and cost effective video storage solution that delivers high throughput with high resilience, and high availability for all video use cases like just in time packaging for different formats and encryption, time-shift, catchup, cloud DVR, live to VOD, low latency streaming, and more.

Register now to learn more about:

  • What are the key challenges that content providers and services providers face in their video storage needs
  • The evolution from legacy storage to Software Defined Storage
  • How SDS brings efficiency and flexibility to your video storage needs
  • True TCO of video storage
  • Unlocking all video storage and streaming use cases with a swiss army knife

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Date: 18th May 2020
Time: 8:30am CEST / 12pm IST / 2:30pm SGT

Webinar Speaker

Meir Lehrer

VP, Portfolio Development, MediaKind

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Maor Shirazi

Product Manager VSPP,

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