Powerful and effective management of MediaKind’s full range of video headend systems and broadcast products.

Compass is a world-class, modular system management solution, offering powerful and effective control and management of MediaKind’s range of video headend systems and broadcast products.

nCompass’s compatibility extends far beyond MediaKind’s industry-leading encoding and broadcast systems, by providing a highly open and integral approach to third-party applications and system devices.

Why nCompass?

Scalable Fast, To Meet Changing Needs

nCompass spans system management and control applications across the MediaKind Media Processing portfolio solutions, from initial content acquisition and exchange through to Direct To Consumer processing.

The software application itself has been tailored to both Contribution and Direct To Consumer use cases, with modular licensed options aligned with the level of functionality required by each individual operator.

The system is therefore able to scale fast, as soon as additional management capability is required: from simple monitoring to a fully-managed, integrated and operated management platform.

The application platform enables a unified control view for multiple devices within an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, which effectively allows the user to schedule, program and forget.

nCompass has been designed to deliver significant operational efficiencies when managing media processing systems across the entire video delivery eco-system.

nCompass features

Wide ranging flexibility, and device support

The application controls many types of encoders, receivers, de-scramblers, multiplexers, scramblers, edge QAMs, modulators and other third-party switches and devices.

nCompass has an ability to rapidly and automatically reconfigure systems on the fly in the event of a device or system failure. nCompass is suited for digital turn-around applications which can utilize the management system’s powerful re-multiplexing capabilities including real-time PSI regeneration, remapping channel number and PID information.

nCompass enables operators to view status, capacity and alarms at the system, chassis or module level, minimizing down time and ensuring rapid fault isolation/resolution.

MediaKind puts operators in control of each receiver, enabling targeting of specific devices and receiver populations for different levels of authorization and services. Administrators are also able to access the system from anywhere on the network using a remote client.


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nCompass by MediaKind offers service providers powerful and effective management of MediaKind’s full range of video headend systems and broadcast products.

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