Social media usage policy


MediaKind may host blogs or social media channels open to the general public. Objective, intelligent and well-written comments are welcomed. Please avoid comments and posts that are irrelevant, or which could be offensive, or which contain improper language, and try to keep comments and replies on topic. Any comments that appear to be spam will be deleted.

Everyone can read your posts

Your comments can be accessed by anyone. Your posts could also be used by MediaKind in other contexts, such as on other parts of the website.


The comments function on our channels is monitored.

MediaKind will remove posts that involve hate speech, child pornography, the illegal depiction of violence, copyright infringement or which incite any of the foregoing.

In addition, MediaKind retains the right to remove posts that it considers contain racist content, are derogatory on the subjects of gender, race, religion or homosexuality, or contain improper language, such as profane or obscene words. We also retain the right to remove comments that we consider to be irrelevant, or those that may harm MediaKind’s image or reputation.

We may for example remove or hide individual comments or close the comment function.

Any person who posts a comment that is in breach of the above or of any applicable law may be held personally responsible.

If you discover a post that could fall into the above categories, please contact us with details using the Contact Form.