Corporate Social
at MediaKind

Integrity, transparency, and responsibility characterize the way we conduct business.

Operating with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with our customers, partners, employees, shareholders, society, and other stakeholders. Such trust and credibility require truthfulness and candor in how we conduct our business.

MediaKind’s commitment to conducting business responsibly includes:

  • Being responsible corporate citizens
  • Respecting human rights throughout our business operations
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • Investing in our communities
  • Committing to the progression of environmental sustainability

Respecting Human Rights

MediaKind respects all internationally recognized human rights associations, including:

  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • No forced labor
  • No child labor
  • Non-discrimination and harassment

Acceptance Without Limits

Here at MediaKind, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace where we appreciate the unique skills, capabilities and perspectives that our people bring. We strive to foster a psychologically safe environment where everyone can be themselves. We believe that diverse teams are better for the employee experience, the customer experience and our business overall.

Everyone’s identity, background and life experiences add to the MediaKind story and is welcomed.

Health, Safety and Overall Wellbeing

At MediaKind, we place high importance on the Health and Safety of our employees, our partners’ employees, our suppliers’ employees, and members of the public that may be affected by our operations. This extends beyond physical health and safety to include mental health and overall wellbeing. MediaKindness, our internal wellbeing program, is at the heart of this, working to ensure elements of financial health, social connection, physical and mental health remain a focus and in balance for all.

We encourage employees to maintain a positive work-life balance that includes a separation of one’s work life from personal life in such a way that neither encroaches on the other. Work-life balance isn’t just about the number of hours worked. It’s about creating a healthy, happy work environment to improve your overall work experience.

Investing In Our Communities

At MediaKind, we understand the importance of taking time to give back to the community. We pride ourselves on building connections that really matter, and we empower our people to do the same.

MediaKindness Day is a unique benefit provided to MediaKind employees to encourage and enable the spirit of service through meaningful individual or group contributions to communities, organizations and our local society.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Acting more sustainably is the key to a better and brighter future for the planet and everyone on it. This means working to ensure that our business operations consider our environmental impact and our products support sustainable media experiences for all. As humans, we rely on the natural world and MediaKind is committed to improving efforts as we work to achieve a carbon-neutral future, protecting precious resources now and for future generations.