Content Management System

Combines Live or VOD metadata and library content with the ability to customize business workflows

The MediaKind Content Management System (CMS) is a platform product that combines Live or VOD metadata and content library with the ability to customize business workflows. These workflows ingest, process and distribute digital assets using any metadata format, any content type, and any workflow process at enterprise-level volumes.

Why Content Management System?

High Degree of Automation

As CMS runs as a centralized platform, users can easily view and manage information associated with content capture from multiple content providers, as well as transformation and delivery to multiple platforms in multiple content and metadata formats.

Among the critical differentiating features of CMS is the ability to accommodate any workflow desired by the customer and incorporate any third party product involved in content processing into that workflow. It is the flexible metadata plugin and adaptors framework that enable easy addition of both out-of-box and customer-specific customizations.

Transcoding and packaging capabilities are easily added via integration with either MediaKind Management Controller (Encoder On Demand, Packager) or many other third-party solutions. Together with MediaKind PRISMA, CMS manages ads and serves as a Creative Management component. On the distribution side, CMS is pre-integrated with multiple downstream platforms, both from MediaKind (Mediaroom, MediaFirst TV Platform, Video Storage and Processing Platform) and other third-party solutions.

Built as a clustered virtualized environment, CMS can be deployed either on-premise in a customer datacenter or in a private or public cloud (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services). In addition, CMS leverages the latest IT technologies (Containers & Orchestration) to reduce infrastructure costs and achieve increased scalability.

What our customers say

At Cogeco Connexion, we always make our customers’ needs central to our priorities and decisionmaking process. Trends in TV viewing clearly show that operators must always innovate in order to offer a rich and customized customer experience. After careful consideration, we are confident that the MediaFirst IPTV platform is the best vehicle to fulfill our promise to Canadian viewers by offering a cutting-edge technology with personalization features and greater ease of use for the kind of viewing experience our customers want and deserve.

Ken Smithard

President of Cogeco Connexion

In the spotlight


Cogeco Connexion selects MediaKind end-to-end IPTV solution to drive next generation media experiences to viewers in Canada

CMS features

Centralized, searchable content and metadata library

  • Multi-format and custom metadata management for both VOD and EPG
  • Metadata validation, normalization, transformation, error-correction, and enhancement via rules
  • Comprehensive metadata creation, editing and packaging
  • File format agnostic processing and format conversion
  • Entirely customizable workflow automation, resource management, system monitoring, rules, and production processes
  • Data segmentation for a multi-tenant environment
  • Flexible asset management and workflows based on contracts, deals and licenses
  • Enhanced category management – change asset metadata based on rules, batch change of all assets in a category
  • Highly flexible trick mode restriction support on recorded assets based on location, time, rights and contracts
  • Easily encode, package and deliver content and advertising within their existing on-demand and linear broadcast systems
  • Forward-scheduling control of content


Data Sheet

CMS Datasheet

Optimizing the value of digital content assets in today’s world requires fast and effective delivery on a multitude of platforms

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