Here at MediaKind, there is no shortage of kindness to be shared and no limits to what you can achieve. Our mission is to acquire amazing talent and deliver a dynamic journey so that you can experience extraordinary with us. We are a resilient team of innovators, builders, shakers and leaders.

We are MediaKind


Our Pioneering Heritage

We are passionate about developing innovative solutions that address the challenges of our customers. We are committed to deliver live streaming at scale with our rich award-winning products and solutions. At MediaKind, we value our employees, customers, and products.




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Grow Without Limits

Here, you’ll find an environment where you’re empowered and equipped with the flexibility, support and resources to grow your career.

Our bond and togetherness are even stronger as a result of our various contests/clubs, team building exercises, training/growth opportunities and open communication with our Leadership Team. MediaKind is more of a family than a corporation which is one the main reasons I enjoy being a part of this dynamic organization.

Victoria Sutherland

Finance, USA

Our Hiring Process

At MediaKind, everyone is encouraged to excel. For us, diversity and inclusion go beyond standard parameters to ensure we have the right person for the right job.


We are so glad that you’ve taken this first step and decided that MediaKind is the company for you.


Our team will start by reviewing your resume. If your skills and experience are a good fit for the position, we’ll arrange a time for you to speak with our talent acquisition team and take it from there.


We like to keep our interview process agile and efficient.


During this stage, you will have the opportunity to meet with a diverse group of the MediaKind crew including managers and/or executives. The overall interview format may vary from role-to-role. In general, our interview style is informal, inviting and friendly. Let’s get to know each other! Our goal is to complete this process within a 2-4 week timeframe depending on scheduling.


Fantastic, you’ve reached the most magical step in the process!


Our teams make hiring decisions based on the best possible fit for the role. We keep score, compare candidate experiences and review feedback from each interviewer to come to a full reasoned decision. Our recruitment team will then be in touch to discuss our decision or next steps.

Builders, Innovators and Leaders


Equal Opportunities Statement

Here at MediaKind, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace, where we appreciate the unique skills, capabilities and perspectives that our people bring.  We celebrate our differences, encourage creativity and have a lot of fun!  MediaKind’s mission, through our media universe, is to transport viewers towards truly extraordinary experiences.  For us to achieve this, we are working hard to create an environment that reflects the many diverse voices our people have across the globe.  We are passionate about all aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  Nobody should be at a disadvantage because of their background or identity.  Everyone who applies for a position at MediaKind, will be considered based on their individual experience, personal attributes and skills.

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