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Live broadcasts have been the mainstay of media viewing experience since the invention of television in the 1940s. Whether sports, news, comedy or concerts, home audiences have always used live broadcasts as a reference point and benchmark for the immediacy, reliability, and quality of their video experiences. Our story has played a significant role in the evolution of media technology, enabling a faster, smarter and more efficient experience and uniting billions across the globe.

Our Vision

Building on our heritage and fueled by innovation, we will enable immersive media experiences that enrich life

Our Mission

To become our customers’ first choice for immersive media experiences, to create profitable growth and to become the best media technology company

Awards & Accolades

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What drives us…

We aim to inspire the humankind with innovative and immersive media technology that captures the imaginations and captivates the emotions.

How we do it…

We believe in winning together, and through collaboration, we have the ability to pursue excellence via our unique service model and relevant solutions that deliver a media-first experience.

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