Our Commitment to Diversity Equity & Inclusion


Acceptance Without Limits

Here at MediaKind, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace where we appreciate the unique skills, capabilities and perspectives that our people bring. We believe that diverse teams are better for the employee experience, the customer experience and our business overall. Everyone’s identity, background and life experiences add to the MediaKind story and is welcomed.

At MediaKind, we know that diverse teams only make us stronger, creating a better experience for our employees, our customers and the organization as a whole. We strive to support an inclusive and equitable community for all. For us, our commitment goes beyond words. We put it into action every day through various programs and initiatives, including global trivia events, custom learning plans, enhancements to our talent acquisition process and our Employee Resource Groups.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Diversity – To address any under-representation of genders, ethnicities and generations at all levels of the organization
  • Equity – To ensure that all employees have opportunities and support tailored to their specific requirements
  • Inclusion – To develop an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation and engagement while supporting employees’ needs and individuality
  • Belonging – To promote a sense of belonging, security and support in the workplace that allows individuals the freedom to be their genuine and authentic self​
  • Accountability – To hold all employees accountable for the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging goals and objectives

Building Community and Belonging

Our network of employee resource groups help foster belongingness, providing communities to connect us across the globe. These voluntary and employee-led groups work to provide a safe space to provide support, resources and share common experiences.

Women Without

Women Without Limits

Working to improve MediaKind’s commitment to gender equality, creating opportunities for mentoring and supporting women in their daily work life.

Life Without
Limits League

Life Without Limits League

Supporting people and caregivers of people with physical disabilities, long-term illnesses and neurodiversity.

Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance

Bringing greater visibility and education of the LGBTQIA+ community to MediaKind.

Sustainability at MediaKind

Sustainability at MediaKind

Working to create more sustainable MediaKind by developing greener technology, encouraging individual actions and progressing towards a carbon net-zero future.

Builders, Innovators and Leaders


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