MediaFirst Engage

Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Engine

Engage is MediaKind’s DTC Video Streaming solution that delivers high-quality video at scale while simplifying streaming service management.

Engage provides a comprehensive solution for Independent content owners, Sports leagues, and Broadcasters looking to distribute their video in the most convenient way possible, while also giving them access to powerful APIs and Player SDKs so that they can easily deliver high-quality video to any web, mobile, or connected TV applications.

Why MediaFirst Engage?

Here at MediaKind, we pride ourselves on building our solutions using modern Agile frameworks. Whether its Scrum or Feature Driven Development (FDD) The Engage team ensures that we release the best product updates possible. So that you can feel confident that you are providing the best quality service to your end users.

Each Engage component and service is developed and designed utilizing these frameworks, in an effort to achieve a consistent, repeatable process of packaging and deploying any update or feature.

MediaFirst Engage core services


At the foundation of Engage is MediaKind’s award-winning AV pipe. Known to provide the best of the best in video quality. With a ton of flexibility across, our packaging and encoding systems. Our AV pipe delivers that same quality regardless of the amount of live sources on the ground, or in the stadium, either on prem or in the cloud, reliable quality content delivery, is at our core.

Engages content entitlements solution strips away some of the complexity in monetizing content. MediaKinds entitlement solution drives Engage to provide you with the rules needed to support multiple subscription tiers from trial periods to TVOD subscriptions. Engage provides the support needed for our customers revenue models.

Prisma allows us to offer our customers decisioning capabilities that allow them to target end users based on more than just location and device type. Prisma opens up enhanced stream personalization capabilities enabling you to provide the best individually –tailored experience while also helping to drive down your acquisition cost.

The power and flexibility allows Engage to be a scalable, solution that enables you to grow your audience and revenue globally, with ease of integration in mind for seamless implementation into any environment.

MediaFirst Engage key values

A cloud-native modular solution for delivering high-quality video streaming.

Provides workflow automation and management across multiple systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. Simplifying, channel provisioning, live to VOD processes, and content packaging. Engage strives to remove the friction, that our customer base faces when scaling their business.

Monetization, Content Management and delivery, Operations, AV delivery, and ad targeting.

Each may suffer from pain points unique to them, which sometimes cannot be addressed on their own. That is why the flexible nature of Engage, gives them the option of either incorporating  one or more of its component onto your own infrastructure, or by combining  all of our components to fully power your video streaming experience.

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MediaKind Engage

MediaKind Engage is the answer to the challenges content owners and media brands face as the pace of cloud adoption and Direct-to-Consumer streaming increases.

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