CE Mini

High performance, secure single channel contribution encoder for next-gen live videos

The CE Mini is a high-performance, secure single-channel contribution encoder in a low-power, small form factor unit. It is not just cost-effective but also incredibly quick, making it easy to deploy for live event acquisition. It is ideally designed for remote production to contribute secure links into studios or over the cloud. It forms part of the contribution solution value in delivering content over managed IP networks and public cloud infrastructure. It can also be part of the contributing live video to social media or streaming platforms.

Why CE Mini?

Single-Channel simplicity

The CE Mini is built to provide high-quality UHD/HD/SD 4:2:0 8 bit encoding. It can use either HEVC or MPEG-4 AVC while operating at extremely low power.

The CE Mini’s miniature form-factor allows quick setup and tear-down between live events with ‘Set and forget’ connectivity.

It offers many options to facilitate direct streaming output of live events to various clients. It is designed to target Social Media platforms, and can be easily integrated within MediaKind’s award-winning Aquila and Streaming blueprints.

What our customers say

We chose MediaKind because of its proven expertise and innovation in IP-based sports broadcasting solutions. With our extensive experience delivering mission-critical live content, MediaKind is the ideal partner for us to support NESN’s delivery workflow transformation. NESN now benefits from a flexible video distribution network, and guaranteed delivery of superior live sports feeds for Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins games, as well as hundreds of other live college sports events.

Robert Szabo-Rowe

SVP Engineering and Product Management,
The Switch

In the spotlight

Press release

MediaKind announces enhanced strategic partnership with Microsoft to accelerate video digital transformation

Press release

MediaKind launches CE Mini to provide cost-efficient, rapidly deployable video contribution encoding for live events

CE Mini features

Single-Channel simplicity

High quality UHD/HD/SD 4:2:0 8 bit encode using HEVC or MPEG-4 AVC whilst operating at extremely low power.

‘Set and forget’ connectivity and miniature form-factor allows quick setup and teardown between live events.

The CE Mini offers many options to facilitate direct streaming output of live events to various clients. Target Social Media platforms or integrate within MediaKind’s award winning Aquila and Streaming blueprints.


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CE Mini Datasheet

Effortless Single Channel Contribution Encoding

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