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Episode 12

Silvia Gil Gutierrez, Sales Engineer, explains how we are able to offer integrated solutions from our portfolio, the MediaKind Universe, to help all of our customers address their different challenges and needs. She addresses how our Orion and Pictor solutions enable operators to deliver immersive and highly experiences, which are easier than ever to access. Silvia also discusses how our solutions for upgrading legacy STBs can deliver huge savings for operators looking to migrate to a next-gen TV platform.

Episode 11

Erik Ramberg, Head of TV Platform Product Management, explains how our MediaFirst TV Platform enables operators to address the diverse challenges of today’s market, including the increasing consumer demand for high quality content available anytime, anywhere. Our MediaFirst TV Platform is underlined by a world-leading data infrastructure which allows operators to build a multitude of TV services with insights into audience analytics and performance. Erik explains how this can then be used to maximize monetization potential and drive platforms and services forward.

Episode 10

Eduard Lapin, Director of Product Management, discusses our award-winning VSPP platform, which enables operators and telco providers to offer live time shift and cloud services to subscribers. VSPP aggregates a set of video optimized technologies, including software defined storage, processing of video, packaging, encoding and transcoding. By taking everything into one pre-integrated single service solution, operators can benefit from VSPP’s highly scalable and cost-efficient qualities and reduce the need to invest in additional infrastructure.

Episode 9

Tim Sheppard, Head of Operations, EMEA, explains how we have developed our portfolio, the MediaKind Universe, to include a range of services and solutions which work around the customer, the center of today’s media universe. He addresses how it covers everything from consultancy, architecture design, validation, support and managed services, and is deployed globally through our huge network of service and channel partners. Tim explains how our end-to-end support ensures continued business success, ensuring smooth business delivery from pre-sales and beyond.

Episode 8

Anthony Jones, Principal Technologist, explains how our end-to-end, cloud-native portfolio, the MediaKind Universe is designed to optimize the end-user experience, assisting the delivery of content for broadcasters, service providers and operators. Tony explores our real-world use cases demonstrated at the Horizon Suite during IBC 2018, on some of the most exciting technologies available today. He discusses topics including blockchain, machine learning and social media influencing tools, as well as looking back on the highly successful SRT Alliance panel session topic of ‘secure and reliable transport’.

Episode 7

Arnaud Caron, Head of Cloud Management and Orchestration, explains how increasing adoption of cloud technology presents an opportunity for our customers to reap the benefits for their video services. Our end-to-end portfolio, the MediaKind Universe, is entirely aligned with the cloud and enables broadcasters and operators to overcome the challenges which come with cloud adoption. Moreover, it offers access to various benefits including content contribution, direct to consumer and user experience solutions, delivering faster time to market, and a higher quality of service and consumer offering.

Episode 6

Dora Silva, Account Manager, explains how the close relationships we maintain with our customers is helping to shape our next-generation solution and services portfolio, the MediaKind Universe. See how MediaKind’s Pictor family of solutions is allowing content originators/owners, broadcasters and pay TV service providers to differentiate and drive more cost efficiency within network delivery – and ultimately offer a higher quality user experience.

Episode 5

Luke Williams, Middle East & Africa Pre-Sales Director, defines how we are able to offer the highest quality video at the lowest bitrates using the latest next-generation technologies. Discover why the evolution from hardware to software is enabling service providers to have greater flexibility, reach more customers and deploy new offerings faster than ever before.

Episode 4

Paul O’Donovan, Director Business Development, describes why the media industry is shifting towards the cloud and how it is providing the catalyst for today’s TV platforms to deliver better UX and increase ROI through targeted ad insertion and personalization. Learn more about MediaKind’s Orion solution family and why it is enabling operators to maximize return on content investment through content-centered, data-driven and personalized consumer experiences, by leveraging deep analytics across all devices and legacy Set Top Boxes.

Episode 3

Matthew Goldman, Senior Vice President Technology, outlines how the definition of television has changed, mapping out the evolution from the traditional large screen through to multiple mobile multiscreen devices. He explains why the combination of UHD content with HDR continues to stand out at a time when the media industry is looking for new methods to deliver immersive, next generation viewing experiences, while also explaining that HDR is arguably the best improvement to the TV viewing experience since color displaced black and white.

Episode 2

Olie Baumann, Senior Technical Specialist, reflects on the demonstrations we hosted at the Horizon Suite during IBC 2018. These include enhancements to picture quality (enabled by our HEVC software encoder), machine learning techniques to improve compression artefacts in video, live delivery of 360 video, and developments in our cloud technology for media workflows. He also addresses how our cloud video product, VSPP, responds to the needs of the smart home and smart cities.

Episode 1

Stuart Boorn, Head of Portfolio Management, outlines our next-generation portfolio, the MediaKind Universe, which is composed of a suite of solutions and services centered around the consumer – the new king in today’s media landscape. Learn more about Cygnus, Aquila, Pictor, Orion, and Vega and how they enable our customers to evolve, adapt and shift to today’s new consumption habits by delivering compelling and immersive experiences for everyone, everywhere.

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