Atlas On-Demand

Deliver direct to consumer video experiences

The Emmy® award winning* Atlas On-Demand solution addresses video-on-demand use cases, enabling the ingest, transformation, processing, storage, and delivery of file-based video content.

Atlas On-Demand is a highly scalable solution to ingest, process and deliver long tail content to end devices. It is designed for content owners and service providers who need to deliver non-linear content to the consumer.

MediaKind simplifies the infrastructure complexities through a unified deployment portal and leverages native cloud orchestration and cloud object storage.

Why Atlas On-Demand?

Push your video quality higher

Leveraging MediaKind transcoding technology to provide the highest video quality with guaranteed performance across multiple codecs (MPEG-2, H.264 & HEVC)

With support for a wide variety of OTT formats (HLS, DASH, HSS) and devices.

Deploying a software solution designed for cloud, using cloud native containers and orchestrators.

Using a single point of entry for all services and servers’ operations

With the elasticity provided by orchestration layers, and auto-scaling functions.

What our customers say

MediaKind’s Atlas On-Demand solution provides us with the ideal tools to ensure Movistar+ provides a consistently exceptional viewing experience. The deployment means that Movistar+’s on-demand content can be made available faster and reach more devices, with an improved video and audio quality. Such a deployment is key to delivering a truly next-generation VOD experience that exceeds our viewers’ expectations.

Eugenio Lojo

Head of Transmission and Conditional Access

In the spotlight

Press release

Telefónica selects MediaKind’s Atlas On-Demand solution to enhance Movistar+ VoD experience


MediaKind launches next-generation broadcast solution to usher in the future of IP-based media delivery

Atlas On-Demand features

Immersive experience

Through Ultra HD capabilities, offering a broader color spectrum and 10-bit encoding in HEVC. It is also compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies.

Up to eight audio tracks per channel with a wide variety of codecs. Supports loudness control and true peak adjustment.

Using constant video quality (CVQ) to adapt bandwidth allocation to the complexity of the content.

By dividing the ingested assets into multiple sub parts, transcoded content can be quickly delivered without any compromise on quality.

Optimal resource usage through orchestrated elasticity, leading to a reduction in processing costs.

Both traditional storage access such as NFS, SFTP and HTTPS and cloud object stores are supported.

Deployed as a software-only, running either on standard COTS servers (which can optionally be supplied by MediaKind) or on various public cloud platforms.



Atlas On-Demand Datasheet

Atlas is MediaKind’s product line for all long-tail content processing and delivery. Atlas On-Demand covers the use case of file to file transcoding and packaged delivery in public cloud.

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Atlas On-Demand Brochure

Atlas On-Demand is a professional video on demand solution for the processing & delivery of video files over any network (Cable, IPTV & OTT) to any device, ensuring a premium experience.

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*2020 Emmy® awarded for Pioneering Deployment of the Event Signaling and Management API & AI/Optimization for Real-Time Video Compression enabled within the MediaKind Atlas On-Demand solution

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