We Sweat The Hard Stuff So You Can...

Make more money

Upgrade your business model with advertising technology that works. We deliver more than 100 million ad impressions reliably each day so that you can increase your earnings and profits.

Scale your service

Across a single season, more than 1 billion live streams were delivered by a live sports application we built and operated. Two thousand customers reach over 65 million users daily with our tech.

Stream with higher quality

A dedicated team of video engineering specialists is continuously developing our patented and award-winning proprietary encoding and streaming solutions.

Deploy faster

Launch and scale your D2C, broadcast, pay TV, or streaming application with user-friendly features using our streamlined and agile deployment process.

Our Solutions Cover A Wide Range of Applications

MediaKind meets the needs of D2C, broadcast, live streaming, pay TV, and new media platforms and applications with end to end and individual solutions. Check out our Live Video Solutions and Media Platforms for more information.

Live Video Solutions

Broadcasting, Streaming, and Advertising

Whether on Cloud, Edge, or your own data centers, build live video workflows via the technology behind 1 Billion video streams.

Media Platforms

TV, Content, and Workflow Management

25 million subscribers, and 75,000 linear channels delivered worldwide; MediaKind is your partner for unparalleled video quality and streaming experiences.

Trusted by 2000+ customers around the world

From major sporting moments to breaking world news, we have always been a catalyst for live television. Today, our focus is to inspire and push the boundaries of the streaming era, realizing a future where live can be delivered without limits, at broadcast quality and scale, to any screen or device for our customers.

We have worked with MediaKind to deliver the video compression and packaging services for our new Premium OTT service because of their speed of delivery, high video quality and integration experience into our dynamic multi device ecosystem.

It’s part of our FOX Sports DNA to aggressively explore evolving technologies as part of our live sports production. This is exactly the kind of effort we consistently put into the leading edge of today’s technology, in preparation for what will become the industry’s standards of the future.

MediaKind’s Aquila On-Demand solution provides us with the ideal tools to ensure Movistar+ provides a consistently exceptional viewing experience. The deployment means that Movistar+’s on-demand content can be made available faster and reach more devices, with an improved video and audio quality. Such a deployment is key to delivering a truly next-generation VOD experience that exceeds our viewers’ expectations.

Discover how we deliver a next generation media experience