Powerful and secure end-to-end management of contribution and primary distribution networks

Director offers service providers a powerful and effective end-to-end management of their contribution/distribution networks. It offers enhanced content protection with IP & Satellite support and is quite simple to use, making it a complete content solution.

Why Director?

Enhanced Content Protection

MediaKind has partnered with a major security vendor and has combined decades of experience to develop Director 128. The innovative solution offers a next-generation level of protection with 128-bit security along with future BISS support for open standard capability. Converged broadcast and OTT solutions

Director has the advanced provision to offer support for both Satellite transmission and IP networks. It also offers a return path for greater visibility.

The solution offers improved entitlement control with much better access to information and status. The result is a simplified access whilst remaining highly secure.

What our customers say

This is the first time we have attempted to decode 4:2:2 video and to ensure the successful delivery of such high value, live content, we naturally opted to extend our long-standing partnership with Avicom Engenharia and MediaKind. Through the acquisition of MediaKind’s RX8200 Advanced Modular Receivers earlier this year, we were able to seamlessly configure and tailor the units into our infrastructure by the time the Games began in late July. The implementation of this IRD provided the necessary functionality to meet our operational requirements andenabled the deliveryof a high-class broadcast of this prestigious sporting event.

Sergio Bruzetti

Project Engineer, RecordTV

We are delighted to have worked with Mediakind and our other partners in this ground breaking As a Service project to deliver high quality 360 video to our viewers. This enabled a world’s first in delivering multi-channel, tiled 6K 360 sporting content and pushes the consumer experience to a different level for all our sports fans.

Thomas Buchholz

Senior Export Experiences

It’s part of our FOX Sports DNA to aggressively explore evolving technologies as part of our live sports production. This is exactly the kind of effort we consistently put into the leading edge of today’s technology, in preparation for what will become the industry’s standards of the future.

Michael Davies

SVP Field & Technical Operation FOX Sports

Live sports coverage has a unique ability to captivate the imaginations of viewers all over the world and we want to give Icelandic fans the best possible, high quality experience of the beautiful game. By partnering with MediaKind and using their industry leading RX1 solution, we will deliver the best football moments as they happen in the highest picture quality with the lowest latency.

Bjarki Jónsson

Manager, TV Department, Síminn

Director features

Ultimate Efficiency

The RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver offers ultimate bandwidth efficiency for satellite transmissions by incorporating the option for the new DVB-S2 Extensions (DVB-S2X) standard. DVB-S2X offers up to 20% bit rate efficiency for typical video applications.

As a true multi-format decoder, the RX8200 can offer MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 High Definition decoding in all industry-standard compression formats, including HEVC. By using HEVC compression, combined with DVB-S2X (for satellite applications), Operators can benefit from a step-change in transmission efficiency.

The RX8200 protects content to the fullest extent by combining secure, smart-card-less conditional access functionality with forensic watermarking capability to uniquely and imperceptibly mark decoded content – allowing any down-stream leaked content to be traced back to source.

The RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver offers the user total connectivity through the capability to provide satellite, ASI and IP transport stream inputs – including the latest SMPTE 2022-7 Seamless Switching technology, all within a single unit. With this flexibility the user is confident that their initial receiver investment is capable of adapting to a fast changing industry.

The RX8200 has the capability to provide the ultimate feature-set of MPEG-4 HD, 4:2:2 10-bit 1080p50/60 allowing broadcasters to achieve the highest possible video quality.

Broadcasters are increasingly demanding lowest latency for contribution applications. MediaKind offers the complete low latency suite of tools for the user – whether that be high quality MPEG-4 decoding or the latest HEVC compression modes for optimal efficiency for satellite applications.


Data Sheet

Director 6

Utilising MediaKind’s full range of video headend systems and broadcast products, Director 6 provides the very best in security and control.

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Data Sheet

Director 128

Director 128 by MediaKind offers service providers powerful and effective end to end management of their contribution/distribution networks.

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