MediaKind becomes an AWS Partner after completing Foundational Technical Review

  • The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) enables MediaKind to identify and remediate risks in their products and solutions
  • By adhering to FTR guidelines and identifying AWS Well-Architected best practices, MediaKind can now offer the best possible client experience
  • Partner status advances MediaKind’s wider focus to address the core challenges that broadcasters and operators face in migrating broadcast and streaming services to the cloud

FRISCO, TEXAS – April 27, 2022 – MediaKind today announces that it’s become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner and completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR). Completion of the AWS FTR lets MediaKind unlock funding benefits and become eligible for various programs within the AWS Partner Network (APN).

The AWS FTR enables AWS Partners to identify and reduce risks in their productions and solutions. The AWS FTR reviews products and solutions against a specific set of requirements to address security, reliability, and operational excellence issues, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Adhering to AWS FTR guidelines, MediaKind can review projects against AWS FTR requirements adhering to best practices and ensuring the best possible client experience.

MediaKind offers a complete, mature, and award-winning cloud-native portfolio that serves all media segments, spanning solutions for contribution, distribution, and cloud ingest; media processing and consumer delivery; and consumer experience enablement and monetization.

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, said: “We are delighted to have completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review and to be working alongside another of the industry’s leading innovators in the media cloud space. The transformation from on-premises to the cloud enables all broadcasters and operators to look beyond their current offerings and achieve a competitive advantage by launching new, innovative broadcast and streaming services at speed and scale. By being part of the AWS Partner Network, we can further accelerate our customers’ digital evolution by ensuring our cloud-native products and solutions always adhere to best practices and deliver optimal excellence.”

MediaKind is developing and delivering its cloud-native portfolio across any public or private cloud deployment. Part of this work includes the development of a new operational deployment approach that MediaKind has called Managed Cloud Applications (MCA), a form of commercial and deployment models for cloud-based software, lying between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and software subscription models. In an MCA deployment, the software is deployed and managed by MediaKind but within a customer’s own cloud account. It has the benefit of leveraging a customer’s preferred cloud service provider (CSP) vendor, typically being selected as part of a wider company transformation, while taking advantage of agreements and spending commitments with that CSP for media applications.

MediaKind’s entire media processing software is available in a cloud-agnostic containerized deployable format, including:

  • Aquila Streaming: This award winning live streaming solution enables the launch of OTT media delivery services rapidly, without compromising on the experience for the consumer. The cloud processing and delivery head-end provides flexible scaling and agility while enabling live content to be received, transcoded, packaged, encrypted and delivered seamlessly to the consumer.
  • Aquila Broadcast: This award winning broadcast solution enables broadcasters, operators, and service providers to efficiently and reliably transmit live video content to viewers. Whether launching UHD HDR services or migrating to all IP workflows, Aquila Broadcast delivers the best quality in any production environment.
  • Atlas On-Demand: This cost efficient media workflow solution addresses video-on-demand use cases, enabling the ingest, transformation, processing, storage, and delivery of file-based video content.

About MediaKind
MediaKind is a global change leader in media technology and services. Its mission is to deliver transformation by building a continuously better media universe alongside its customers and partners. Drawing on a pioneering industry heritage and fueled by innovation, MediaKind embraces and champions new standards, methodologies, and next-generation, immersive live and on-demand media experiences worldwide. Its end-to-end media solutions portfolio includes Emmy award-winning video compression for contribution and direct-to-consumer video service distribution, advertising, and content personalization, high-efficiency cloud DVR, and TV and video delivery platforms. For more information, please visit: