Aquila Broadcast

Deliver dynamic video content

The Emmy® award winning* Aquila Broadcast solution enables broadcasters, operators, and service providers to efficiently and reliably transmit live video content to viewers.

Whether you are launching UHD HDR services or migrating to all IP workflows, Aquila Broadcast delivers the best quality in any production environment.

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  • Key Solution Values

Best-in-class picture quality

10% year-on-year video quality improvements

Flexible deployment

Deploy as an appliance or software, on-prem or in the cloud

Supports all IP workflows

Supports the latest IP standards, including SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE ST 2110

Converged broadcast and OTT solutions

Combine with Aquila Streaming to create an efficient, cost-optimized broadcast and streaming solution

Aquila Broadcast solution workflow

*2020 Emmy® awarded for Pioneering Deployment of the Event Signalling and Management API & AI/Optimization for Real-Time Video Compression within the Aquila Broadcast solution

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