World’s number one IPTV Platform

As the world’s number one IPTV platform, Mediaroom continues to evolve and deliver robust, high quality performance for large-scale IPTV deployments. Mediaroom enables video service providers to deliver premium video services from a single, proven platform to be consumed by a range of clients running on a variety of pre-qualified set-top-box devices. Furthermore, Mediaroom continues to expand on its pioneering heritage with Mediaroom Play, a pre-integrated Android TV client with industry leading STB hardware. Looking to the future, Mediaroom’s development roadmap continues the tradition of meeting and exceeding market needs by a targeted focus on operator challenges, such as competing entertainment sources, increasing operational costs and the need for new monetization opportunities.

Why Mediaroom?

Trusted & Number 1

Mediaroom is the world’s number one IPTV platform by market share. Its market domination stands as testimony to its robust performance in large-scale global IPTV platform operations. One of the most feature rich IPTV platforms on the market, Mediaroom continues to evolve with market drivers to reduce operational costs, address new media sources and offer set top box (STB) client solutions.

Mediaroom Play is the latest client / set top box (STB) solution for operators seeking to adopt the Google Android TV ecosystem. As a fully integrated solution including latest STB hardware, remote control and 3rd party applications, Mediaroom Play enables users to access Android TV’s 7000+ applications and 1000+ streaming content providers, while offering free value-added applications like Google Assistant and new monetization options for operators.

Mediaroom’s proven backend platform now offers further options for the operator to reduce costs and balance operational complexities. Whether it’s on-site hosting or cloud-based virtualization of key Mediaroom functions, the operator can choose what works best for their operational model.

As a proven IPTV Platform, Mediaroom continues to set operators apart from OTT, social and ad hoc video sources by delivering metadata-rich, high quality video whether it’s live, time-shifted or on-demand. Furthermore, it strives to provide operators with a unified media entertainment experience platform through support of 3rd party applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney + and thousands of other applications offered through Google Play store.

What our customers say

Viewers have more choice and access to content than ever before and it’s increasingly on their own terms. Following the successful deployment of Mediaroom and the delivery of our Magio IPTV service in Slovakia, we are delighted to increase the scope and breadth of our collaboration with MediaKind by expanding our service into the Czech Republic. By working alongside a trusted and proven strategic partner, we are able to invest in the best possible infrastructure and ensure our customers receive the most exciting and extensive range of rich, immersive and highly personalized viewing experiences across all screens.

Andrej Pinak

Director of IP and Service Platforms Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czech Republic

In the spotlight

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MediaKind Mediaroom is the IPTV platform used by MEO, the leading pay-TV service in Portugal

Mediaroom features

Mediaroom Clients and STB’s

Support for multiple STB operating systems

Live, Timeshift, Catchup, VOD and DVR (local + cloud).

Multicast delivery and Instant Channel-Change unicast updates

SVOD, TVOD, Packages, Bundles, Pay-Per-View, 3PP (Google) enabled purchasing and On Screen Purchase (OSP)

Enhanced viewing of TV programming for end users, responsive guide with picture-in-picture browsing, industry leading channel tune times, rich application enablement, and high quality video/audio including 4K, HDR, HLG, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos. Voice Integration: Google Assistant via Cloud to Cloud (Play); through Bluetooth-enabled remote control units (Linux); Smart Speaker Integration (WinCE/Linux)

Search, recommendations, guide, metadata and ratings

Public Key Infrastructure, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and watermarking

Published APIs for provisioning, monitoring and billing

Skinning & branding and custom applications development through presentation Framework

3rd Party Apps, custom applications, Android TV ecosystem and deep linking




As the world’s number one IPTV platform, Mediaroom continues to evolve and deliver robust, high quality performance for large-scale IPTV deployments.

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