Tailored Media. Any Screen. Any network.


Aquila tailors content into many forms and for a variety of uses, that include both Linear and On Demand. In addition, the highly efficient, broadcast-grade service enables innovative consumer experience with flexible deployment and operating choices.

Key Values

Consumer Experience

Aquila’s focus is always on delivering the highest video quality to the consumer. With breakthrough innovations for HDR, Constant Video Quality, and Selective Storage, our applications and products are industry leading.


Aquila provides the tools needed for our customers to compete and win with options for appliances, software, or private/public cloud deployments.

Innovate Faster

Aquila enables you to launch new services faster and update them as quickly as your business dictates either through traditional multicast or direct to consumer models.

Aquila’s place in the MediaKind Universe

The MediaKind Universe is about people, content and how it is consumed.

Our universe is centered on people. People are creating and consuming media on a variety of devices at locations of their choice around the clock. The shift in consumption habits is particularly pronounced and their expectations center on popular, unique and curated content, experienced on a screen of their choice with the best possible quality. Additional preferences on advertising and payment methods complete the total picture.

In the complete picture, there are several trajectories that content producers, distributors and service providers can take to cater to the needs of consumers. Each of these trajectories manifest in the real-world as defined workflows and pose requirements on quality, security, latency, time- and device-shift capabilities. These trajectories or workflows are also the home for content producers, distributors and service providers in the universe. While some industry players might be found in more than one trajectory based on their assets and capabilities, the requirements to bridge across trajectories in order to reach the consumer remain common. The task of delivering the content that consumers crave requires multiple, modern solutions to deliver the consumer experience while also being efficient to deploy, manage and evolve.

The MediaKind Universe presents a set of solutions that fit in these trajectories and enable the smooth flow of content towards the center of the universe – consumers. Orion, Aquila, Pictor, Cygnus and Vega represent the complete capabilities as Solutions in the MediaKind Universe.

In todays market, some content owners are directly targeting consumers with their offerings. The Traditional Pay TV service providers are finding it hard to keep pace but are trying to compete by delivering a similar type of offering to multiple devices, giving the consumer a similar experience. Our Aquila solution family enables efficient processing and great picture quality delivery of all types of content, to all screens.


Customer Testimonial

“Telstra announced it will extend and specially configure the Ericsson cloud platform to carry dedicated broadcast media workloads. This is the next step in our virtualization program with the selection of Ericsson’s MediaFirst Video Processing solution suite. Setting up broadcast configured cloud native processing, storage, and network capabilities across our network, will enable us to offer broadcasters services to run traditional high bandwidth intensive media applications where and when they are needed. The Ericsson Media First functionality will complement and enhance broadcast media workloads we are already working on with other technology suppliers. It is also designed to support services transported across our media-specific global networks.”

Gary Traver

Director of Media, Telstra

Link: https://www.ericsson.com/en/press-releases/2017/4/telstra-advances-cloud-media-delivery

Explore our Applications

Linear Converged Headend

Our Linear Converged Headend applications support a range of live TV deployment models that power flexible and agile rollouts.


On Demand Workflows

Our Applications for On Demand support high-quality video originating from raw files or live feeds to any device.